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Kerastase launch Age Premium



Until now, there has not been a specific hair care solution for women aged over 55yrs. In response, Kérastase Paris has created Age Premium: a collection of supplemental and restorative hair care for the specific needs of mature women. Kérastase Paris understands that women of all ages desire hair beauty and are willing to invest in products and services that address their individual concerns for achieving optimum radiance from their hair.



Kérastase Paris; a leader in innovation and forward-thinking technology announces the Age Premium collection as a true breakthrough. It is an entirely new category of hair care; providing cosmetic reality and true hair beauty for hair that is losing vitality as a result of ageing.


With the specific needs of mature women in mind, Kérastase Paris and L’Oréal Advanced Research have evaluated the hair ageing phenomenon and have identified three major concerns for mature women as their hair ages.


The three phenomena specific to mature hair are; fibro-porosity, loss of density and dry scalp. The characteristics of these three key concerns have been explained in more detail below:


1. Fibro-porosity: identified as the hair condition of excessive fragility and is specific to mature hair. Intercellular cement present in the cortex (responsible for the strength and elasticity) and the cuticle (serves to adhere the surface layers together), begins to break down. Mature hair becomes limp, fragile and vulnerable to external factors.


2. Loss of Density: with age, the number of blood capillaries in the scalp diminishes, reducing blood flow to the root of the hair, typically responsible for full hair growth. As a result of this decline in the blood supply, the hair begins to thin in diameter and density with age.


3. Dry Scalp: The sebaceous glands in the scalp produce sebum that forms part of the hydrolipidic film protecting the scalp and ensuring its elasticity. Age plays a major role (among other factors) that contribute to changes in sebum production. From the age of 50, the production of sebum on the scalp begins to decline. This results in vulnerable, dry scalp and hair and also means hair is less soft and shiny.

Further to these three phenomena identified in mature hair, changes to our physique and metabolism over time result in biological deficiencies. With biological changes taking place within our bodies, the qualities of softness, volume, ease of styling and shine from our hair, all begin to decline. The key deficiencies affecting the vitality of mature hair are: Oestrogens, Calcium, Anti-oxidants (Vitamin E and C), Water, Iron and Proteins.



To target and treat the three key signs of ageing scalps and hair, Kérastase Paris Age Premium utilises a new and patented breakthrough technology, namely Système Pro-Supplenium, Intra-Cylane™ and Hyaluronic Acid.


Système Pro-Supplenium combines an original and rich association of ingredients for mature hair and exists across the entire Age Premium collection:

  • Calcium Derivative to penetrate the hair fibre and reinforce this essential mineral to the hair
  • Vitamin F Derivative to encourage the metabolism and health of hair cells
  • Ceramide to repair and protect the Intercellular Cement, smooth and restore the hair fibre
  • UV Filter exclusive to L’Oréal Advanced Research, this filter has a Cationic character, thus a strong affinity with the hair. It works by absorbing UV rays, thus reducing their damaging effects
  • Pomegranate extract as an important source of polyphenols and a powerful anti-oxidant
  • Vitamin E for its powerful anti-oxidant properties


Intra-Cylane™, exclusive to the In-Salon Age Premium Ritual, Re-Substance:

An innovation by L’Oréal Advanced Research, Intra-Cylane™ is available in the Age Premium In-Salon Ritual; Re-Substance. The unique and exclusive technology of Intra-Cylane™ travels deep into the hair fibre, creating a structure within to strengthen and improve both the fibre’s core and the surface of the cuticle. With more support to its structure, the hair fibre becomes strengthened and more resistant.


Hyaluronic Acid, exclusive to Age Premium Masque Substantif:

For this first time* by Kérastase Paris, Hyaluronic Acid has been transferred to haircare. Like on the skin, Hyaluronic Acid allows for the rebalancing of the scalp. It also moisturises and smoothes the scalp leaving it hydrated, nourished, regaining its original vitality. *For L’Oréal hair care



As an ongoing initiative, for every sale of a product or In-salon Ritual from the Age Premium collection, Kérastase will donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Research Trust to support them in their goal of finding a cure for breast cancer by 2018.


Purchase any two products from the Age Premium range or team an Age Premium Ritual with a product from the range and receive a beautiful mauve 100 per cent silk pillowcase.Bain Substantif