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Each week we will be updating you with what is hot right now from around the world,
We will show you what is happening on the European catwalks and the most recent looks fresh from the glossy pages of the world’s most fashionable publications.
Stay tuned to learn how to recreate these styles at home. You will also be first in line for the latest product updates to keep your locks looking fabulous in between your Reds visits!!!

What better way to start off our latest trend update than with a fresh yet simple technique. The look of the season is natural beauty, enhanced by the unexpected look of “wet” hair.
We don’t mean skip the blow wave and drip down the street, but “wet” glossy textured curls that are frizz free and full of shine.
Think……. Alexander Wang and Donna Karan and coat your ends in L’Oreal Playball Curl Candy finish with a spritz of Playball Beach Fizz. Pair with a bold lip or eye for instant youthful glamour