Reds in Fashion #3

The fringe festival has taken over the streets of Wellington and it seems fringes have also taken over the catwalks for Autumn 2012.

Afraid?? Don’t be! The fringe was never my friend as a gawky pre-teen, but after being coaxed by my hairdresser into getting a Bridgette Bardot-esque brow skimmer a year ago, I have never looked back.

Time is tight in the morning and I choose sleep over blow-drying most days, but just a little squirt of L’Oreal texture expert mousse or smoothing creme and a few seconds with a blow dryer and a Denman brush is easy enough for even me to do!

The old adage “a fringe will take 10 years off your age “are true and can update your look with a minimal amount of commitment.

Judging by the catwalks there’s a fringe for everyone too.

Versace has featured the blunt rock chic fringe, whilst Calvin Klein being more daring has channelled the 1920’s with a flapper styled 1-incher.

Check out the styles below for inspiration, or even Google stars such as Rooney Mara, Liv Tyler and Reese Witherspoon for ideas if you want to give this trend a try!

Of course the girls at Reds will know the best fringe for your face shape so pop in for a chat!


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