Still on the ponytail subject, boy can they go wrong!

The question???? When is a ponytail stylish and when is it just can’t be bothered?

Top Tips

1. Avoid the Britney Spears (circa 2010) look. Steer clear of the high pony, placed right on top of your head!
Hide extension clips (or any clips) and baby hair mullets. Stay away from baggy napes.

2. The idea is to make your ponytail look like a style not an accident!
To avoid a lank, unruly pony ensure you add texture with a great hairspray like L’Oreal Tecni art Air fix and a little old school teasing! Big hair is good but it should still be controlled and polished.

3. Using your ponytail as an instant face lift should be avoided!

4. Scrunchies are never ok but a flower or a discreet accessory can add a nice touch.

5. Finally, keep it to one pony. After the age of 14 you should never use the plural of pony unless they are in a paddock!

So there you have it, Ponytail 101.


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