Wellington on a sunny week! Amazing – there’s no place I’d rather be!
It’s true the place is glorious when the sun is out but when it’s not, which is often due to the changing seasons, one must consider their vulnerable do.

It’s not hard to stay chic in the wind and rain however.

Short hair can be maintained easily with a comb and a styling product (such as Playball fibre mess) kept in your bag.

For those with longer manes, the usual ponytail (despite its elegance and versatility) can get a bit stale.

French plaits can be an easy to maintain style.
Start from the parting, plait two down each side then cross at the back for a Helga- esque tidy up-do. This is very on trend at the moment and once you
master the French braid concept it’s a piece of cake.

If braids seem too tricky, or are just not your thing, try the high tousled bun. Easy to do and creates instant glamour

Now all you need is your brolly to stay the right way up!!


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