Trend Alert: Ombré hair colour

Love it or hate it, the ombré look is everywhere this season. For those of us not quite up to scratch with our French, ombré literally means “shaded like a gradient.” In a nutshell, it entails colouring the hair so the roots remain dark while the rest of the hair becomes lighter mid-shaft.

Also referred to as ‘surfer strands’, the trend emulates the natural highlights surfers achieve after hours in the sun and salt water. “Surfers have the best natural highlights—there’s no stop or start to them,” says Stuart Gavert in Elle Magazine. “The sun lightens their hair in such a way that it’s the perfect graduation from dark to light.”

Worn by Hollywood celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker, Hillary Swank, Drew Barrymore and Khloe Kardashian, this colour trend can be tailored to suit nearly all hair shades. According to Cosmopolitan UK, the key to this season’s ombré is to keep it natural, creating a seamless blend from your root shade to the colour on the ends of your hair. Depending on how striking you want the effect to be, up to three colours can be used to achieve the shading effect. Choosing shades which are within the spectrum of your current color keeps the look soft and effortlessly chic.

For dark chocolate tresses, deep reds, coppers, and cool ash make beautiful choices.





For those with naturally caramel shades, rich browns and coppers create a stunning effect.





For fair hair, ash tones, subdued blondes, golden caramel tones will add warmth.






Because the trend essentially looks like ‘grown out’ colour, those with an ombré do can go for longer periods between retouches. However as with any lightening, keeping your hair in top condition is paramount to keep your colour looking good. Kerastase has launched Fusio Dose for this very purpose. Go to to download a free in salon treatment.