Gorgeous Greys



For many of Hollywood’s biggest stars, going grey has become less of an unwanted side effect of growing older and more of a chic fashion statement. Meryl Streep and Dames Helen Mirren and Judi Dench are leading the way, always looking absolutely stunning while embracing their natural style.




For those of us ready to adopt greyer shades, there is no shortage of on-trend colours and techniques suitable for working with what you’ve got.


For blondes, tone such as buttermilk, vanilla and orchid white are fantastic choices. For a more pastel blonde, orange sorbet, peach or nude blush are also fabulous.


On brunettes tones such as toffee, hazelnut, caramel or cappuccino add a prettiness and flattering softness.


No matter what the colour, keeping your hair in great condition will ensure you look your best. Grey hair has a tendency to feel dry and coarse, meaning it’s even more important to look after it correctly. Adding moisture is essential. Deep conditioning products such as the Kerastase Age Premium range will soften the hair and add density. Kerastase have many amazing deep conditioning masques to ensure your hair remains lustrous and full of life. Ask your stylist to recommend and prescribe the ideal product for your hair.


For many, the loss of hair density often accompanies greying tones. To combat this, Reds stocks the Nioxin scalp and hair care system. This system helps to enhance the appearance and density of thin looking hair and minimizes hair loss.



Along with all these fabulous colours and products, a great cut and regular professional blow-dry’s will help to keep your look polished. So why not embrace your natural look?

Ask your stylist how you can achieve the best possible result with your crowning glory.


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