Behind the Scenes at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week



As the lucky winner of Kevin Murphy’s Melbourne Spring Fashion Week competition, Reds very own Salon Director, Diana Beaufort, recently had the privilege of working with hairdressing legend Kevin Murphy at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. We caught up with Diana to find out what’s new on the catwalk, what products and techniques she used and what it’s like working at such an amazing event…

What shows did you work on with Kevin Murphy?

I worked on the Friday night gala night show and the Saturday show, where fantastic Australian designers like Manning Cartell and Life with a Bird showcased their spring collections.

What was the inspiration for the shows’ looks?

Friday night’s inspiration was the Westie mullet look. All the models had extensions sewn in to give them long straight hair that swung when they walked. To give maximum contrast the blonde models had dark extensions, while the dark haired models had blonde extensions.

On Saturday the emphasis was on summer and the beach. Kevin’s inspiration came from Bond girl, Ursula Andress, in the iconic scene where she emerges from the water looking gorgeous and wet in Dr No. All the models had a wet, slightly grungy looking hair, with low soft, beachy waves.

What were the key products and techniques used?

We used truckloads of Kevin’s product BODY BUILDER. It’s a mousse that we layered and then blow-dried into the hair to give amazing volume and texture. Definitely one for the catwalk – don’t try this at home!

We also sewed, rather than glued, all the hair extensions. To give the hair a gorgeous wet look we used loads of ANTI GRAVITY.

The finishing techniques were beautiful and involved a large amount of backcombing and the awesome SESSION STYLING SPRAY for hold.

Kevin also used YOUNG AGAIN, not just on the models hair but also on their skin, to give their skin a gorgeous, dewy shine.

What was it like working with such a big name in hairdressing at such a prestigious event?

Kevin Murphy and his team were an inspiration. He is such amazing talent and for a newbie on the Fashion Week circuit, the team was really helpful and patient.

I learnt so many great tips and techniques to use on photo shoots, and also learnt from the man himself how to best use KEVIN MURPHY products on our clients.

What key hair trends did you see at Melbourne fashion week and how do you think they will translate to everyday wear?

For hair, it was interesting seeing straighter, smoother hair shapes coming back again for women. While for the boys, it’s still all about height and quiffs.

Some of the shows used the classic Sassoon bob wigs for their models. I don’t think the bob is going anywhere fast.

I also saw quite an 80’s influence in both hair and fashion. We’re still seeing lots of wild colours for hair out there.

For fashion, the collections used lots of bright colours, florals and miss-matched patterns on top and bottom. Harem-style pants were everywhere and dressed-up shorts were also big. I saw a lot of shift dresses and lot of longer, mid-calf length dresses which I think we’ll start to see in the high street shops soon.



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