The Top 10 Most Iconic Hairstyles

From Mia Farrow to Amy Winehouse, here’s our pick of the ten most iconic hairstyles of all time.


1. Elvis’ rockabilly hairdo, along with his gyrating hips, captivated the world and inspired countless imitations by young men hoping for that bad-boy look. The pompadour has since been revived by both men and women looking to add a bit of swagger to their style.


2. By the early ’60s, the Fab Four were wearing mop-top haircuts. The look was a dramatic departure from the very short, conservative cuts of the 1950s. This look continues to influence men’s hair – does McCartney’s side-swept do resemble the style a of a certain Justin Bieber?


3. Bridget Bardot’s soft, artfully ruffled locks suggested that she’d just returned from a romp in the hay. Popular ever since, this style is almost universally recognised as seductive, giving it a timeless appeal.


4. No one is as synonymous with dreads as reggae icon Bob Marley. What was a lifestyle choice for Marley became a fashion statement for others, as the look was adopted by reggae and counterculture fans alike.


5. It wasn’t just the red bathing suit or those superwhite teeth that made Farah Fawcett a star — it was also her mane of wild blond layers. Unabashedly feminine, her feathered hair provided a stark contrast to the pin-straight looks that had prevoiusly dominated.


6. Millions of women were launched into a frenzy by her hair: a long, layered shag crafted by her hairdresser Chris McMillan. Though it was copied endlessly throughout the ’90s, Aniston recently copped to hating the ‘do, stating, “I think it was the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen.”


7. As seen on everyone from Marge Simpson to Snooki to The Supremes, the retro-cool beehive just wont go away. We loved Amy and her outrageous take on the look.


8. Audrey Hepburn set the bar for the pixie crop in the 1950s with this soft, feminine cut. Audrey ensured the look remained ultra-feminine by adding a slick of lip colour and perfectly defined brows and lashes.


9. Has there ever been a more iconic bob than that of Jackie O? Her style has lasted a lifetime, and her deep chocolate bob is still popular today.


10. Famed hairdresser Vidal Sassoon worked his magic on American actress Mia Farrow’s hair before she starred in Rosemary’s Baby. Sassoon was a fan of low-maintenance styles, and what could be easier than chopping it all off?


While not quite making the top ten, we thought United Future leader Peter Dunne’s infamous hairdo deserved an honourable mention. While he claims “I’m getting a bit fed up with being described as having a dead possum on my head”, a do like that is always going to grab our attention!


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