What’s Your Colour?

Ever wondered why some colours make you look great, while others totally wash you out? The answer is what beauty professionals term ‘colouring’, which takes into account your natural skin, hair and eye colour.

To determine your overall colouring, stand in front of a mirror in natural or incandescent light, wearing a white shirt. Try to look at your face objectively – does your skin have warm or cool tones? Yellow, red and peach tones are warm, while blue, violet and pink are cool.

Overall colouring falls into four categories, named after the seasons.



Those with winter tones have skin colour varying from very light to dark. Winter tones are prevalent in dark eyes and skin, natural white-blonds, and occasionally people with strong contrasting colouring, such those with black hair and very fair skin. You may be in the winter category if you have dark skin with blue or sallow undertones, very porcelain skin and black hair, white-blond hair with any eye colour and very fair or sallow skin, or olive skin with very dark hair and eyes.

Wear: Rich colours like ruby and sapphire or stark colours like black, white or steel grey. Bright colours like electric blue, red and fuchsia.

Avoid: Neutral or muted colours like tan or smokey violet.




Almost all summers have light coloured eyes and either natural blond hair or dark brown hair. If you are a summer, you may also have a slightly pink skin tone. Many summers have blond hair and little contrast between skin tone and eye colour. Summers may also have dark brown hair and very fair skin.

Wear: Muted grey, aqua and rose. Neutrals are a good choice as are pale colours with blue undertones.

Avoid: Warm colours with yellow undertones.



Autumn is the most diverse of the colour categories. People in this range can have blond, brown, red or black hair. If your skin has golden or reddish tones, then you are most likely autumn.

Wear: Vibrant warm colours like browns, oranges, warm greys or muted navy.

Avoid: Stark white, true black or bright colours.



If you are strawberry-blond, neutral blond, light brunette and fair skinned, you might be in the spring category. Spring types usually have light blue or green-blue eyes with an even complexion with slight yellow undertones.

Wear: Soft colours such as peach, golden brown, or bright red. Greens and browns are also good, but try anything with yellow undertones.

Avoid: Black and white.


Knowing your ‘season’ lets you style your look to flatter your natural colouring. While your Reds stylist is trained to prescribe the ideal colour for your hair, understanding your colouring helps you to work with your stylist to get the best hair colour for you.

Your Reds stylist can help to show you what season you fall into with the help of our colour capes.


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