The 10 Worst Celeb Hairstyles of All Time

Even celebrities have bad hair days! From mullets to comb-overs, we count down the 10 worst celebrity hairstyles of all time.


 1. Dolly Parton

Back in the 80s, this country crooner’s hair was almost as big as a couple of her other assets.


2. Kate Hudson

This proves that bad hair also happens to good (and gorgeous) people.


3. Phil Spector

The legendary music producer’s infamous wall of hair nearly got as much press as his wife’s murder trial.


4. Billy Ray Cyrus

A track on Cyrus’ new album bemoans “I Want My Mullet Back.”  And no, Billy, you really don’t.


5. Donald Trump

How does he get his hair to do whatever the hell it does (our guess is a very firm hairspray)  Could all those millions not buy the services of a great stylist or maybe a hair piece specialist ? Unfortunately, those questions will never be answered. All we can do is stare at the Don’s hair and wonder…


6. Christina Aguilera

Why commit one hair crime when you can commit two? The singer’s braids and poodle perm combo from 2002 was just as awful then as it is now.


7. Britney Spears

We don’t exactly know why Britney Spears shaved her head. Whatever the reason, thank goodness she seems to have her life back on track.


8. Russell Brand

The British comedian and actor was told to lose his crazy look for the sake of his Hollywood career, “I can play Rasputin once maybe, play Che Guevara, various homeless people and then it’s going to have to be a haircut.” Still…..  we can’t see Russell with a’sensible’ do?


9. Will Smith

The Fresh Prince made the ‘High-Top Fade’ haircut popular for curly-haired men worldwide during the early ‘90s.


10. Captain Planet

A lime green mullet-fade combo is never ok, even if you’re a super hero.


All of these crimes against hair could have been avoided with the help of a good stylist. So why not make an appointment at Reds today and make sure you never end up on a worst hair list?


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