Fundraising Night: The Reds Team’s Top Styling Tips

The Reds team recently held a fantastic in-salon fundraising night for the Pukerua Bay Kindergarten. Around 15 lovely ladies were treated to professional styling and hair care tips from our stylist team. From a myriad of fantastic tips and ideas, we’ve picked a few of the best to share with you…



Those with a natural wave to their hair can achieve a low-frizz, well defined curl by using a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer and L’Oreal Curl Candy:

•Apply a small amount of L’Oreal Curl Candy to damp hair.

•Lean to the side, so your hair falls off your shoulder and hangs at almost a right angle from your head.

•On a medium speed, hold the hairdryer so the diffuser attachment is blowing upwards through your hair. As the hair dries, natural curls will form. You can also scrunch the hair to encourage the hair to curl.

•Repeat process on the opposite side.

•Finish with a serum like Kevin Murphy Young Again or Kerastase Elixir Ultime to add shine and softness.



You can achieve easy root lift and body with a technique called ‘flat wrapping’ while blow-drying your hair:

•Look at your hair to determine the way it naturally falls.

•With a wide-toothed comb, or your fingers, lift and push the hair so it falls in the opposite direction to the way it naturally falls.

•With your blow dryer on a high-heat, medium-speed, tilt your head off to the side and aim your hair drier upwards, in the direction that you have pushed the hair, as you blow dry.

•Repeat the process for your entire head.

•Now lift and push the hair back to the natural direction it falls.

•Again blow-dry your hair drier upwards, in the direction that you have pushed the hair.

•For shine and softness, finish with a shine-enhancing product such as Kerastase Chroma Cristal Shine Spray.



You can use backcombing to give professional lift and body around the crown of the head:

•After blow-drying the hair, section off the hair around the crown of your head.

•Taking small sections from the crown, using a fine-toothed comb, backcomb the hair down to the scalp. Repeat this 3 times on each small section to achieve lasting lift.

•Lightly comb over the surface of the crown section to smooth surface of the hair.

•Hair can then be pinned into sexy a low bun or tied into a sophisticated low pony.

•Finish with a light hold spray like L’Oreal Tec ni Art Air Fix or Anti Frizz.



You can achieve soft-beach waves at home with a hair straightener.

•Section dry hair into easy to manage segments. Usually this means two side sections, a back section and a top section, all which are roughly equal in size.

•Use a clip to hold each section in place as you work.

•Beginning on a back section, take a small segment of the section.

•Comb the segment straight.

•With your straightener, clamp down on the segment near the root.

•Twist your wrist so the straightener makes a half turn – this can take few tries to get a hang of, so don’t despair if you cant quite get it the first time!

•Gently pull the straightener down so the hair segment pulls through the irons.

•Spray with a light hold product such as L’Oreal anti frizz spray

•Continue this technique through each head section.

•For tighter curls, leave as is.

•For looser, beachy waves, apply a shine serum and run your fingers through your hair to break it up and add texture.






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