The X Factor Hair

The New Zealand X Factor has thrown up lots of memorable hairstyle hits and misses so far. Everyone seems to have a fav, but here are our most memorable picks:



That pink shade is fab, but sometimes it looks like she’s forgotten to wash and brush it for a week. We like it best when it’s looking soft, clean and ‘done’.



While their vocals weren’t always in tune, their hair was always spot on. The shaved sides and sky-high quiffs looked fresh and fun.



These boys have the big boy-band hair down perfectly. Very One Direction and very cute.



Her no nonsense judging style is complimented by her gorgeous hair and vampy makeup. We love the colour and the length – very sexy and chic.



His Bieber-esque hair and boyish good looks have combined to make Fletcher a controversial fan favourite. We think a little less product would make his style even better.



You can count on Stan’s hair to be right on point. Always looking sharp, Stan proves very short dos can still be high impact when done right.



Daniel’s look has us on the fence. We’re not sure whether his kooky style (think different coloured shoes, bright shirts and rockabilly hair) is cool or just crazy.



It’s scruffy, it’s curly, it’s a little bit crazy, but hey, Tom’s just being Tom and we kinda like that.

Jackie, Cassie and Anna

Unknown-5 images-5

All variants on the same theme, these girls rock out the long luscious waves. The two blondes look great, but we can’t help but love Jackie’s raven locks best.

Those are our picks, who’s you’re favourite?


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