Get Princess Hair Like Kate Middleton


To celebrate the royal visit, here’s our five simple steps to create a royally awesome, long, loose waves like the Duchess of Cambridge.

1. Begin by blow-drying your hair straight, using a large paddle brush and a blow-dry gel like Kérastase Form Fatale.


2. Once dry, section off hair into three or four roughly equal sections at the back, sides, and front. Secure each section with a clip.

3. Beginning with the section at the back, spray the hair with a light to medium hold hairspray like Kérastase Laque Couture. This will hold your waves and give shine.


4. Take three to four centimetre pieces of section and curl with a curling wand. Hold hair four about 5 seconds in the curling wand before you release the hair.

Pro Tip: After releasing the hair, hold the curl in your hand to cool. This will allow the curl to set.

5. Once all sections have been curled, add a shine spray like Kérastase Gloss Appeal and loosen waves by brushing with a wide-tooth comb.



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