The Hottest Pastels for Spring

From Lauren Conrad’s peach-tinted tips to Kelly Osbourne’s all-over lavender, celebs continue to show off pastel hair colours. Here are some of our favourite pastel colours for Spring.




Peach is so pretty! Unlike the cooler mint and Lavender colours, where your hair must be very white before colouring, yellowish or brassy blonde tones are a great base for this colour.




We never would’ve thought we’d like any tone of green in a hair colour, but mint is so gorgeous. You can get away with having dark roots with certain pastel hair colours, but mint is not one of them. So if you’re going to go for mint hair, you really need to keep your roots in check!



Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 4.16.40 pm



Again, who would have thought such an unusual colour could be so beautiful! Like this pic, this colour really pops with dark brows and roots.


Cotton candy pink


This pretty pastel suits most skin tones but requires very white hair to achieve a true baby pink. If your hair still has a lot of yellow tones after lightening you’ll find that it impacts on your colour. That gorgeous baby pink colour you were aiming for will become a pale orange when it interacts with the gold tones in your hair.





Like Kelly Osborne, this colour works especially well on pale skin tones.


To keep the colour for longer, shampoo only when necessary and use clear products such as Keratase Reflection Bain Chroma Riche shampoo.


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