Hair & Beauty Trends for 2015

We’re calling it. Here are the top hair and beauty looks you’ll be rocking in 2015.

The Sleek Bun

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 8.49.24 am

The sleek bun is trending already. Try this look centre-parted at the front and slicked into a low bun or a mid-to-high bun with hair brushed off your face, as seen at the Calvin Klein spring/summer ’15 collection.

Unplug: Air dry your hair


If unplugging from technology is one of your New Year’s resolutions, try letting your hair air dry for a change. Okay, you can go over damp hair lightly with a blow drier if your mane needs taming but remember it’s all about less-is-more, as seen at the Chanel and Chloe spring/summer ’15 shows.

Messy Hair


Messy hair is what you need for 2015. It takes styling, but should look like you didn’t even try. Try this for both day and night if you want an edgier look for the New Year.  As seen at Tom Ford spring/summer ’15.

Read My Lips: Orange/red

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 8.40.38 am

Stand out from the 2014 dwellers with a vibrant red or orange lip. The good thing about a coloured lip is that a bold red or orange works perfectly with a matte lip or glossy lip (no shimmer here now!) which we’re calling in as one of the biggest make-up trends for the New Year.

The Face: Barely-there foundation

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 8.42.40 am

It’s all about the ultra-‘nothing’ look. You can either go for a more basic and low coverage foundation to give it this barely-there look. Or, don’t even bother with foundation for the all-natural look.

Back to Basics: No more bronzer


The New Year is going to be seeing a whole lot more of your beautiful faces and a whole lot less of make-up. 2015 will be taking us back to the basics, especially with no more bronzed skin. Go to those natural and warm tones rather than the harsh bronzers that make it obvious you’re wearing make-up.


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