Garden-Inspired Hair at Chanel Spring/Summer 2015 Couture Show


ANYBODY who follows Sam McKnight on Instagram will be well aware that he loves gardening almost as much as he loves styling hair – so the combination of the two at Chanel’s garden-inspired spring/summer 2015 couture show had him truly in his element backstage.

“Hair in the Chanel garden was a soft, romantic, loose braid, fastened with a veil and sometimes a couture Lesage flower of silk chiffon, sequins and plastic at the end,” McKnight told us of the easy, breezy looks he created on models from Kendall Jenner to Sam Rollinson for the show.


McKnight used extensions to create what he described as “tapering, child-like brands”, blow-drying it smooth to remove frizz.


“A light touch with products and styling was important to create that undone, almost unravelling braid, secured loosely with the veil or hat and anchored at the end with a flower,” he said. “It was important to me that the hairstyle was light and natural, feeling as if blown by a gentle garden breeze.”


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