How To Disguise Your Roots


Have you ever been caught out by regrowth – where overnight your hair goes from looking cool, with a little bit of root, to looking like you need your roots done asap? Unfortunately, you can’t typically get a colour appointment the next day, so here are some things you can do to conceal your roots till your next Reds appointment.

MINERAL HAIR POWDER. Made specifically to disguise regrowth, Spilt Milk Mineral Hair Powder also absorbs oil, provides volume and texture and smells delicious. They make them for blondes, brunettes and redheads, too!

BLOWDRYING. Add a touch of mousse or volumizing spray to the root and flip your head upside down while drying for a minute or two. Getting the hair up and off your scalp will help conceal the root just a little more. If you can, throw a little wave in and give it some texture as blow waving your hair super straight will only enhance the look of the dark roots.

GO NATURALLY CURLY. If you have curls, you know that wearing it curly will help conceal the length of the root. Think Sarah Jessica Parker’s naturally curly hair – you could never tell if her roots were an inch or three inches. The solid line at the root gets diffused by the curly texture of the hair and actually looks amazing with some depth. If you’re a curly girl, you’re lucky! The shrinkage will also create the illusion that the root is shorter than it is when it’s stretched out.

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT BEFORE YOU LEAVE. Best way to avoid a last minute “please I’m begging you to squeeze me in because my roots are insane and I have to go to a thing” emergency is to pre-book when you’re leaving the salon. Talk to your Reds stylist and see what he/she thinks about how often you should get touched up. Make that next appointment before you walk out – especially if regrowth just creeps up on you!


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