Five On-Trend Ways to Wear Your Hair Down

In a style rut? Try out these on-trend ideas for ways to wear your hair down.

1. Crimped Waves


Get Beyonce-like tousled tresses by braiding your hair in two French braids when it’s damp before you go to sleep. Then, when you get up in the morning, take out your braids for perfectly crimped waves. Top it with a headpiece or a headband for the complete look.

2. Bandana

For a cute, quick style, tie a bandana around your head with the tie in the front.

3.Beachy Waves

Let your hair air-dry naturally for the perfect boho look. If your hair doesn’t dry wavy, add more texture into the mix by flipping your head over and applying Kérastase Spray A Porter texturing spray all over.

4. Try a Turban


For a cute alternative to a headband or hat, try a turban instead.

5. Sleek and Stylish

Sure, this look seems super-simple, but paired with the perfect hat, it screams, “music festival-must.” To get Solange’s look, use a straight styler to straighten your hair, but don’t stress about making it perfect. This look is about being sleek yet effortless, so leave a few kinks here and there.


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