How to Keep Your Curly Hair From Breaking Ever Again


Hair breakage is hard to prevent, especially with curly hair, but it can be done.

1. Load up on moisture. Because curly hair is naturally dry, it can become brittle and break off easily. To make sure your thirsty curls are quenched, apply a daily moisturiser, like Moroccan oil and use a super-hydrating deep conditioning hair masque, like the Kérastase Oleo-Relax, weekly.

2. Get regular trims. Removing split ends is the only way to prevent further damage on other parts of the same hair shaft where split ends are present. Allowing your professional stylist to trim your hair every six weeks will help to keep it in optimal shape and decrease breakage. If the word trim scares you, tell your Reds stylist! They are trained to talk you through the process and ensure you are happy with the end result.

3. Maintain a consistent routine with your stylist. For those who use chemical straightening or relaxing treatments – If you get a relaxer too often, you’ll suffer from severe hair dehydration and end up with brittle hair that break easily. But if you wait too long in between services, you run the risk of having the relaxed hair break away from your new growth. To avoid over processing, talk with your Reds stylist about the best schedule needed in order to keep your relaxed hair healthy.

4. Wash your hair once a week. Unless your hair is very oily, washing it every day can make it very dry and cause it to break easily. If you feel like waiting a week between washes is too long, wash it or use a dry shampoo, like the Kérastase Powder Bluff, to soak up oils from your roots.

5. Comb your hair when it’s dry. Hair is in its most fragile state when it’s wet. To keep your hair intact, comb through your curls using a wide-tooth comb before washing (combing from ends to roots, since most of the tangles are at the nape).

If you don’t have time to detangle pre-shampoo, try applying  a leave-in conditioner (try Kérastase Substance Constructive) and waiting until your hair is at least halfway dry before using a wide-tooth comb to detangle.

6. Turn down the heat. While it’s never a good thing to apply too much heat to any hair type. Rather than heat stylers, try to rely on heat-free tools (like hair rollers or Flexi Rods).

If you do need to use a hot tool, use the lowest heat setting possible and always keep the hair tool moving. It’s also a good idea to invest in high-quality curling or flat irons, such as the Cloud Nine straight stylers and curling wands – they contain Single Pass technology so there’s no need to repeatedly go over the same sections of hair.

2. Customise your routine. The suggested amount for use on the bottle doesn’t always work for everyone. So one of the best ways to find out what works best for your particular hair type is by trial and error. If you end up needing to apply an entire bottle of hair oil to your hair in order to keep your curls moisturised, that’s OK. If you have to watch YouTube tutorials featuring other women that have similar hair to yours, that’s also OK. Whatever you have to do to decode your mane, do it. And then once you find your perfect hair formula, stick to it. And don’t forget, your Reds stylist is professionally trained to advise you on what products will suit your hair best.


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