How To: Beachy Waves


Spring has arrived and while it may not be summer yet, it’s never too early for beachy waves, whatever the weather.

This look is easily achieved whether you rock long layers, a midi, a lob or even a bob (plus  it looks great for everyday or after dark paired with a smoky eye).

Here’s how to do it…

What you need:

Salt Spray

We love L’Oreal Professionnel Play Ball Beach Fizz.


Curling Tongs

Before purchasing your pair, make sure you check out the size of the barrels on your chosen set. For thinner hair, small to medium is best and for thick hair, medium to large. Depending on how tight you’d like the waves, a temperature gauge is a welcome addition. The hotter you set the tong, the more statement the tousles.

We love the GHD’s curve series of wands and tongs. The oval shaped set offers more of a vintaged finished look whereas the rounder barrel creates softer, tumbling waves.



The key with tousled hair is to find the hairspray that will provide the hold without the weight. You want your tousles to be able to bounce so avoid anything too sticky. We love Kérastase Spray a Porter.


How to do it:

  • Wash your hair, making sure you don’t use too much conditioner. To create the best waves, you want your hair to be as light as possible so it’s not weighed down.
  • Once you’ve towel dried the hair, flip your head over and generously spritz your chosen salt spray all over the ends. This will mean it’s coated with texture but the roots have been avoided.
  • If you want a super natural, loose look – just let your hair dry naturally. However if you want more of a statement, voluminous look, roughly blow dry your hair, using your finger tips to create volume in the direction of the air.
  • Turn on your tong until it’s heated and section the hair.
  • For ultimate beach babe, take sections of your hair, varying in size and wrap around the tong holding for around 3-5 seconds.
  • Once the entire hair has been done, you can keep them tight or for boho glamour run your fingers through them, so they blend with each other.
  • Finish with a spritz of hairspray.

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