Hair Trends for 2016

With 2015 nearly at an end,  it’s time to look forward to 2016 and the trends for the new year. Here are our top three picks for what will be trending in hair in 2016.

Longer Locks


Last year, we were obsessed with the lob. 2016 will be all about either blunt, cleavage-length hair — basically a grown-out lob (for those missing their length — or a softer, sexier version of a shag. It’s very flattering, easy to style, and cool.

New hues


For a bold statement, sand-art-inspired multi-coloured styles will be huge. And the ever popular ombré is getting subtler.

New styling trends

62d0dd55e6d905fc0a6becd7e0235dcaIn 2016 women will continue moving away from the same signature look 24/7. Because heat-styling causes damage, many will turn to YouTube and Instagram for second- and third-day inspiration, like relaxed braids or sleeping in a high ponytail for beachy waves. In 2016 it’s all about mixing it up to maintain healthy hair.


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