How To Look Good in Photos: Three make-up tips

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 5.08.10 pmScrolling Instagram and Facebook can be disheartening. Image after image of flawless skin, bold lips and smoky eyes can seem impossible to achieve. While most of us aren’t able to employ a full-time make-up artist, here’s our three top make-up tips to looking your very best in every photograph.

Choose powder
Powder will forever be the best way to avoid shine which should be a priority when being photographed. To do this, set your finished make-up by using a translucent powder after applying foundation, illuminisers, bronzer and concealer.

Avoid SPF white out
Ever seen a photograph of yourself and felt more washed out than you thought you were?  It may be because of the SPF in your foundation, which reflects the light of the flash making your face look paler than it really is. This explains those red carpet images of women with pale faces and tanned bodies – the reflective qualities of SPF mean it’s not suitable for flash photography.

Balance, balance, balance
Though you might be wearing a little more make-up than usual to places you’re likely to be in photos, you should still apply balance to your make-up look. For example, if you’re going with a bold lip colour, go easier on the eyes with soft neutral colours. Or if you do an intense smoky eye, use a more muted colour for your lips.


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