Glastonbury Hair 2016

With Britain’s famously wet summers, most festival-goers have stuck to the tried and tested uniform of undone hair, Hunter gumboots, short shorts, oversized knitwear, and massive jackets. After all, it’s important to make sure that you have something you could use as a raft if the rain comes back. Here are some of our favourite fashion and hair looks from the 2016 festival.

The pastel pink hair trend is still going strong. Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 10.33.10 am.png

Ellie Goulding goes for a statement oversize shirt, swide-swept waves and backpack with her gumboots.Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 10.35.04 am.png

Stella McCartney looking festival-cool in orange. Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 10.36.36 am.png

Alexa Chung pairs a classic Barbour jacket with Hunter gumboots and a relaxed up-do. Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 10.40.06 am.png

Cara Delevingne went for the tried and trusted shorts and long socks look, but it’s her hair we’re loving. Want a new look but can’t be bothered with the dye? Just plait some in.Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 10.41.14 am.png

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