New Year’s Resolutions: Time to Declutter


Have toys taken over your living room too? As the holiday break comes to an end for many, now is a great time to gear up for that post-holiday clutter purge.



From Marie Kondo to the Scandinavian concept of Hygge, 2016 seems to have been the year of organising our homes in a way to make our lives happier. But no matter how strictly we try to adhere our usual organising principles, it can be near impossible to beat back the clutter over the Christmas holidays.

Getting the house back in order before going back to work will help many of us to feel more in control, relaxed and ready to tackle an outside world that can often be disorganised and chaotic. So here are some organisational approaches to help motivate you to deal with that post-holiday mess.

Sparking Joy

The Japanese word “tokimeku” means “to spark joy” and was coined by organisational superstar Marie Kondo in her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Someone who adopts this method of tidying must take an individual possession and ask: “Does this spark joy for me?” This question is the sole basis for choosing what things to keep and what to discard.

Kondo argues that continually assessing whether the belongings in your life spark joy allows you to hone your judgment. Over time, your ability to identify what is worth keeping will extend from your home, to your career and your relationships.


The Danish concept, hygge, pronounced “hoo-ga”, is usually translated into English as “cosiness”. With the recent spread of the concept, the rest of the world seems to be slowly waking up to what Danes have been wise to for generations – that having a relaxed, cosy time with friends and family, often with coffee, cake or beer, can be good for the soul.

Having a home that is cozy, organised and free of stressful clutter is also important to achieving hygge. According to the Danes, one of the most important benefits of cleaning up is that it can transform your home into a welcoming, relaxing place where you can spend your energy enjoying life rather than stressing about mess.

Starting small, choosing to only keep things which are functional or beautiful (preferably both) and making a habit of putting things back after using them will help you transform your house into a cozy cocoon.

Yin & Yang

Not to be forgotten, the Chinese concept of Feng Shui still has something to offer for those looking to reorganise and de-clutter.

Feng Shui is all about Chi, or ‘cosmic breath’ which can be divided into “yang” energy, or good energy, as well as “yin” energy which is negative energy.

This concept ties clutter to ‘tired’ energy and argues that dealing with physical clutter can make way for a better emotional and spiritual life. Practically, this means keeping surfaces clear and clean, putting objects away when they’re not in use, and removing things in your home that make you uneasy – for example something with a negative experience associated with it.





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