How To Layer Hair Products Before Heat Styling

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 8.44.06 PM.png

image via Instagram/love_kevin_murphy

Product can be a game-changer, but when using multiple products, how do you know which product to use, in what order? Your friendly Reds stylist will talk you through when and how to use the right products for your style, but until then, here’s our quick guide.


Start with the lightest/thinnest product first. This is often a serum that nourishes your hair. These are usually applied first so that these nourishing products can reach the hair fibre and do their job.


You may have cream-consistency products that volumize, reduce frizz or define curls. Apply these types of products in sections, providing light and even coverage throughout your hair.

Liquid sprays

Apply wet-spray products, such as volumizers, heat protectants or treatments next. Again, make sure you section your hair so that the product is evenly applied throughout the hair.


You should finish with the thickest product. These are usually foams that provide root lift or encourage bouncy curls.


Remember – if you feel like your hair is weighed down, you may be using too much product! Trial and error is the best way to determine how many products you can use without overwhelming your hair and weighing it down.

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