Why it’s OK to Never Change Your Hair Style

Many of our clients tell us that they’re “boring” because they get the same style every time they visit the salon. While changing up your style can be exciting and refreshing,  it’s perfectly OK to never change your hair, especially if you have a style that you love.

Hair Rules Of Past Generations

In the past there were a lot of very rigid rules about hair. A good example was that you had to cut your hair shorter when you reached a certain age. Other so called rules included regularly changing your hairstyle to stay ‘on-trend’. While most of these rules have faded, many people still believe they need to change their hairstyle on a regular basis to keep it fresh.

It’s Your Hair To Wear As You Wish

Regardless of the so-called rules, it’s your hair. You have the final say in how you want to wear it. Many people see their signature hairstyle as a key part of what makes them who they are.

Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Anna Wintour have basically worn the same hairstyle for decades and still look amazing. In our book it’s always a fabulous thing when someone wears their hair exactly the way they want to wear it.

In today’s world there are no rules, no right, or wrongs, or shoulds. There’s only the rule:  you should wear your hair the way you love to wear it.

And if you love the style you’ve always had, perfect! If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

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