Blonde? Why you should be using a purple shampoo

If blondes have more fun, how come brunettes don’t have to spend their days trying to combat the effects of brassiness? Whether you’re a natural or have highlights, overly warm, yellow-tinged undertones can affect both equally.

But with the right haircare routine, you can ensure your colour stays fresh and beautifully toned at all times. Switching out your regular shampoo for one with a purple tones works magic. Since it’s on the opposite end of the colour wheel, purple works to neutralise yellow, effectively erasing it from our strands. And, if you pick one with plenty of moisturising properties, you’ll notice a huge difference in the longevity of your colour and softness of your hair.


Here at Reds we love KEVIN.MURPHY’s Blonde Angel wash and treatment. This lavender-infused, colour enhancing shampoo takes on all tones – from creamy to platinum, and with the help of added optical brighteners rescues dull colour. Combined with Blonde Angel treatment, this regime conditions and moisturises bleached, highlighted and grey hair, putting the bounce back into your blonde, while repairing any brassy or yellow tones.

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