What to Think About Before Getting a Fringe

Know your face shape

Your Reds stylist will be able to assess the best fringe type for your individual face shape, as well as how far back on the crown to start it. As a general rule, heart-shaped faces suit just about anything, while narrow faces can pull off a fringe that’s ultra-blunt. For a universally flattering style, make it arrow-shaped: longer on the edges and slightly shorter at the centre, like it’s framing the eye line. And remember, wearing a fringe with confidence overrides any rule book.

Start small

Stay on the fringe of the trend, so to speak, with a ubiquitous style that hovers between side-sweep and full-blown bangs. Take cues from the French and leave it lengthy enough to just dust your lashes. It’s noncommittal, too: the extra length will ensure it’s long enough to pull back into a pony, or side-sweep within a few weeks.

Invest in dry shampoo

While fringes may not take hours to style each morning, a fringe will require an element of daily coercion. If you exercise regularly, you’ll also have to deal with extra oil and sweat, so dry shampoo will be your new go-to product. Ditto your hairdryer. Whether you’ve washed or not, a quick blast of heat, followed by a cool blast for setting, will tame any wayward tresses.

Growing pains

Unless you’re 100% committed to your new fringe, you’ll inevitably experience the grow-out phase. Hair grows at an average rate of 1.25 centimetres per month, but that doesn’t mean you need to forgo trims altogether. Ask your stylist to feather out the ends so they eventually blend with the rest of your strands, and choose a part line – middle or side – to sweep once it starts blocking your vision.

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