How To Care For Naturally Frizzy Hair

Frizz can be caused by so many different things, from humidity, to the wrong hair cut, to over-cleansing. While permanent Keratin straightening treatments are available, when it comes to hair, we’re all about loving what you’ve got. So, if your looking to embrace your naturally frizzy texture, read on!

More moisture = less frizz

If you’re looking for a smoother finish, make sure you only wash your hair a couple of times a week and use gentle, moisturising shampoos which don’t strip your hair of vital moisture. We love KEVIN.MURPHY’s Hydrate Me wash and Eleven’s Smooth Me Now shampoo. Adding a mask, serum, or treatment into your routine – like KEVIN.MURPHY smooth again – will also boost your hair’s moisture and manageability.

Air dry vs blow-dry

A huge debate when it comes to frizz is whether blow-drying or air-drying gives smoother results, and the answer usually varies from person to person.

When blowdrying naturally frizzy hair, use a smoothing nozzle on your hairdryer and always finish with the cool shot to smooth down the cuticle. Investing in some great products to protect your hair from heat damage and maximise smoothing, like KEVIN.MURPHY’s Untangled leave in conditioner, will make a real difference to your hair’s texture and will extend the life of your style.

If you prefer to air-dry, add a smoothing product, like Eleven’s Frizz Control shaping cream and style your hair with a wide-toothed comb while it’s still wet so that it dries smooth, rather than trying to shape it once it’s dry.

Don’t brush your hair

Or rather, try not to brush it too much. Over-brushing can damage your ends and cause them to frizz. Synthetic bristles can also cause static and frizz.

Always comb your hair while still wet, then style with a boar bristle brush to help prevent breakage and frizz.

If your hair starts to go frizzy halfway through the day, add a little smoothing product and re-smooth using your boar bristle brush and hairdryer.

Why Use a Clarifying Shampoo?


Natural oils, styling products, dry shampoo, and even residue from normal shampoos and conditioners, can build up, leaving your freshly-washed hair seem heavy and not properly clean. Luckily, there is a solution. All you need is a good clarifying shampoo and the know-how to use it.

Think of clarifying shampoos as shampoos on steroids—they cut through product buildup and oils to leave your hair squeaky clean. If you’ve ever had a salon relaxer or keratin treatment done, you’ve probably had one used on you (both treatments perform better on ruthlessly clean hair) and they’re also popular among swimmers to avoid chlorine-green, but that doesn’t mean they need to be a specialty treatment. These shampoos can be used by anyone, especially if there are signs of product buildup.

Of course, all of that cleansing comes with a downside – since clarifying shampoos do such a good job of lifting oil and gunk, it also means that they can strip away the natural oils that keep your hair shiny and your scalp moisturised. They should therefore only be used about once a month, washing your hair every other day with your normal shampoo the rest of the time.

Think of your monthly clarifying session as a true beauty treatment – don’t rush through it when you’re already running late for work. Start by focusing the shampoo at your roots where buildup tends to be worst, progressively spreading the shampoo through the length of your hair as you go. Rinse, then follow up with conditioner, or, even better, a hair mask to restore that lost moisture and maximise your hair’s shine.

Fortunately, finding a clarifying shampoo to fit your needs is easy. We love KEVIN.MURPHY’s Maxi Wash with Witch Hazel and Tea Tree oil to detoxify and purify your hair and scalp, and Eleven’s Deep Clean shampoo, packed with Orange Oil, providing a rich clean while still leaving your hair feeling fresh, hydrated and healthy.


What is ELEVEN? Introducing our newest product range.




The Reds team is excited to announce we’ve added the ELEVEN product range to our salon.

What is ELEVEN?

The ELEVEN range began with Miracle Hair Treatment launched in 2011. After Miracle Hair Treatment developed a cult following, ELEVEN expanded to offer a comprehensive 27 product range, catering to all hair needs.

ELEVEN Creative Directors are Australian icons and leaders in the hair industry – three-time Australian Hairdresser of the Year, Joey Scandizzo, and Australian Photographer of the Year, Andrew O’Toole. Working in the salon, photo shoots and runways; Joey felt the need for a range his staff and clients could easily understand. Together, they helped create ELEVEN.

ELEVEN’s Philosophy

ELEVEN’s haircare philosophy is simple: Haircare doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to work. ELEVEN’s product names tell you what they do, making it easy to pick the right product for your hair needs.

ELEVEN’s effective products use naturally luxurious ingredients. Ingredients like Avocado Oil, Organic Cucumber, Papaya Extract, Australian Macadamia Nut Oil, Silk Amino Acids and Organic Argan Oil work to penetrate the hair fibre and nourish your hair from the inside out.

With PETA approval, 100% recyclable packaging and paraben free formulas, what’s not to love?! Your Reds Stylist can advise you on what ELEVEN products are right for you.