2014 Celeb Hair Transformations

2014 has been a year of drastic change in the celebrity hair department. We’ve seen a handful of celebs head to the salon and walk out almost unrecognizable. Whether for a role or just a change of pace, these stars switched things up good.

Nicole Richie

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 4.11.52 pm

After faking us out by posting a picture on Instagram with Photoshopped purple hair, Nicole Richie decided to really take the plunge.

Taylor Swift

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 4.12.40 pm

Cutting your hair into a long bob is not a particularly drastic move for an average person. But if you’re T. Swift, it’s almost like losing a limb.

Britney Spears

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 4.13.21 pm

Though certainly not her most dramatic hair transformation, Spears’ dark auburn locks are a big change from her usual blonde ‘do.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 4.31.10 pm

Gyllenhaal has been sporting a pixie for a while now, so she is no stranger to drastic hairstyles. But she took her look one step further and debuted a new bleach-blonde chop at Cannes.

Kristen Wiig

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 4.15.42 pm

Do we see a trend here? First go short, then go blonde. This funny lady followed in Maggie Gyllenhaal’s footsteps with a chop, and a few months later, a bleach job.

Adam Levine

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 4.16.06 pm

The first guy to be added to our list, Adam Levine took to Instagram with his then-fiancée Behati Prinsloo to show the world his new bleach-blonde ‘do. Then he took to Twitter to tell all the haters, “I hope people understand that when they say my hair looks creepy, I take that as the highest compliment.” Which is weirdly, also kind of creepy. I guess we should say, “You’re welcome?”

Pippa Middleton

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 4.16.39 pm

Chopping off a few inches may not be considered a drastic hair transformation for just anybody, but Pippa is a near-royal. Plus, those Middleton sisters are known for their signature long, chocolate brown locks.

Anna Paquin

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 4.17.09 pm

So long, Sookie. Anna Paquin took to Twitter to ask her hubby and co-star Stephen Moyer if he was into her fulfilling her teen dream of being a mermaid (i.e. dying her hair purple). He quickly responded with “Wow wife… You look amazing.” Awww, True Blood love.

Emma Stone

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 4.18.12 pm

We thought Emma Stone couldn’t get any more gorgeous. Then she showed up at the Venice Film Festival with a freshly shorn bob that shows off her sexy neck and shoulders. Boom.


Mid-Winter Beauty Tips


Dropping temperatures and cold winds don’t have to go hand-in-hand with frizzy hair and dry, sullen skin. Don’t miss our top winter beauty tips to stay glowing and gorgeous – even when the weather isn’t!

Lip Service


You won’t want to pucker up if you’re feeling self-conscious about a dry, flaky pout. Try an exfoliant on lips to get rid of flaky patches and fight the temptation to constantly lick your lips (it only dries them out more). Choose a moisturising, natural lip balm – we love Lucas’ Papaw Ointment – and avoid ingredients like camphor and menthol, which tend to worsen dry and cracked skin.

Fight Hat Hair


Avoid matted or frizzy-looking locks by swapping your wool hats for less clingy cotton alternatives.  Experimenting with new, tighter hairstyles, like a bun or plait, will help to eliminate that dented, flattened hat-head look. While a finishing product like L’Oreal Tec ni Art anti frizz spray will eliminate static cling and hold your style in place.

Add Some Zest


Adding an exfoliator to your facial skincare regime in the winter months will help to remove dead skin cells and prevent clogged pores. Exfoliating oily skin two to four times a week, and less often for dry/sensitive types, will keep your skin glowing. Because lemon juice contains citric acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid that dissolves the glue that keeps dead cells stuck to your skin, adding a little to your facial scrub will boost its brightening and exfoliating properties.

Heat Styling


It can be tough to resist reaching for the heat styling tools, but heat styling and dried-out hair aren’t exactly the best of friends. We recommend using low-heat settings and a heat protectant like Kerastase Thermique styling products to achieve silky styles without damaging your hair. Removing all those damaged ends by getting them trimmed regularly will also reinvigorate your tresses. As for colour, adding highlights in the fringe or opting for a rich, darker colour will energise your hair and improve its condition.

Drink Up


We tend to feel less thirsty in the winter months, but it’s absolutely crucial that we keep ourselves hydrated, inside and out. In addition to drinking plenty of water, herbal teas and clear soups are more creative ways to get your daily H2O and flush out toxins.

Rescue Me


Seasonal elements are damaging to your hair as it makes it become prone to chipping, tangling and breakage. To combat dehydration and leave hair feeling soft and sleek, it is essential to nourish hair and smooth cuticles. Investing in strengthening products like Kerastase Vita Cement and applying serum like Kerastase Elixir Ultime to the hair ends will help protect your hair from the elements and prevent split and faded ends.

Feed Your Skin


Oily fish like salmon and tuna, vegies like spinach and avocadoes and vitamin C-rich foods like tomatoes and citrus fruits, will help you glow from the inside out. Sugar doesn’t do any favours for sallow winter skin, so get snacking on seeds and nuts for a zinc boost, essential for preventing rashes and unwanted skin irritations.

The Reds Team’s Newest Member: Introducing Jax

image copy

This week we’re proud to introduce our newest member to the Reds Team, Jacqui (Jax) Godfrey.

Hailing from Papakowhai, Jax recently rejoined the team after a five-year hiatus following the birth of her daughter, Charley.

Jacqui’s time away from Reds has not taken any edge off her skills. Many clients remember Jax and request her for her fabulous colourist and styling skills.

Passionate about providing the best service possible, Jax gets huge satisfaction from making her clients look beautiful, “It doesn’t seem fair to class that as work!

Focused on completing her apprenticeship, Jacqui is excited to jump back into the industry, contributing to the renowned stylist-training programme that Reds is famous for.

Fitting back in like she never left – “Like being away for a long weekend” – it’s great to welcome Jacqui back into the Reds team.

The X Factor Hair

The New Zealand X Factor has thrown up lots of memorable hairstyle hits and misses so far. Everyone seems to have a fav, but here are our most memorable picks:



That pink shade is fab, but sometimes it looks like she’s forgotten to wash and brush it for a week. We like it best when it’s looking soft, clean and ‘done’.



While their vocals weren’t always in tune, their hair was always spot on. The shaved sides and sky-high quiffs looked fresh and fun.



These boys have the big boy-band hair down perfectly. Very One Direction and very cute.



Her no nonsense judging style is complimented by her gorgeous hair and vampy makeup. We love the colour and the length – very sexy and chic.



His Bieber-esque hair and boyish good looks have combined to make Fletcher a controversial fan favourite. We think a little less product would make his style even better.



You can count on Stan’s hair to be right on point. Always looking sharp, Stan proves very short dos can still be high impact when done right.



Daniel’s look has us on the fence. We’re not sure whether his kooky style (think different coloured shoes, bright shirts and rockabilly hair) is cool or just crazy.



It’s scruffy, it’s curly, it’s a little bit crazy, but hey, Tom’s just being Tom and we kinda like that.

Jackie, Cassie and Anna

Unknown-5 images-5

All variants on the same theme, these girls rock out the long luscious waves. The two blondes look great, but we can’t help but love Jackie’s raven locks best.

Those are our picks, who’s you’re favourite?

Care about sustainability? So do we!


Here at Reds we believe it’s important to minimise our impact on the planet. To create a sustainable future for our business we have committed to practices that will support and sustain our world. Here’s the ways we follow the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to rethink our practices in the areas of waste, water and energy.



The first and most effective component of the three R’s is reducing the waste created. Here’s some of the ways we have changed our practices to use fewer resources and create less waste:

  • To reduce chemical use we use products such as Inoa ammonia free hair colour and zero sulphate, 100% vegan Pureology natural hair care products.
  • We ensure taps are turned off between shampoos and have low flow hose attachments.
  • All our cleaning products are eco-friendly.
  • Our lighting is energy efficient and eco-friendly.
  • We save residual power by always turning off switches.
  • With a combination of monitoring and incentives we have achieved a 5% decrease in our annual rate of product wastage.
  • To reduce both excessive use of water and power, due to continuous washing and drying of towels, we have introduced disposable, compostable towels. All other washing is dried on the line outside.



Despite our best efforts to reduce waste, a zero waste environment is nearly impossible. However, much of our waste can immediately be reused to minimize the strain on the environment:

  • Our new client and pre-quote form is laminated and reusable.
  • Tea towels, cleaning cloths, and capes are washed and reused.



When waste is eventually discarded, separating items for recycling from other waste is important. The Reds team worked with the Mana Recovery Trust multi award winning Eco Project to optimise our recycling programme. With their help we have created an efficient recycling programme to recycle all paper, foil, tint tubes and plastic. The Mana Recovery Trust also collects our food scraps and cut hair to turn into compost!

These small adjustments and a bit of effort have helped the Reds salon become an environmentally responsible business. We have seen the benefits and continue to actively seek more sustainable options and practices. We believe that by practicing the three R’s we are helping to make a positive difference to our planet.


Great Hair at Any Age

With older women looking younger than ever and high school girls looking eerily mature, there’s less clarity than ever before about what’s ‘too young’ or ‘too old’. Are there new rules about what’s appropriate? Are there, perhaps, no rules anymore?

A great cut and colour, no matter what your age, can transcend fashion trends. While many of the traditional ‘rules’ have changed, here are some guidelines to keeping your look ‘age appropriate’, for great hair at any age.


In Your 20s: Have fun

Experiment: Try experimenting with different shades and lengths, but always keep it looking natural and vibrant.


Keep it youthful: Adding texture to shorter looks and layers from the chin down for longer locks creates movement and helps to frame your face.


Protect your hair: Heat styling tools, sun, salt water and late nights can cause hair havoc. Make sure you look after your locks with heat styling products such as L’Oreal Hot styling spray and keep your hair soft and moisturised with products such as L’Oreal Liss Control, L’Oreal Supreme smoothing cream or Kerastase Elixir Ultime.



In Your 30s & 40s: Go for polish

Take time to groom: In your 30’s and 40’s you can’t get away with bed head hair anymore. Keep your hair soft and manageable with products such as Kevin Murphy Young Again and Kevin Murphy Full Again.







Go long… or short: At this age most lengths are flattering. The key is to find a length, which keeps your hair looking healthy while also suiting your face shape and lifestyle.


Keep it natural: A simple trick is to avoid colouring your hair more than two shades darker or lighter than what you were born with. For multifaceted colour, start with a flattering base colour and weave in lowlights one or two shades apart.


In Your 50s & 60s and Beyond: Keep it fresh

Try ‘look-younger’ tricks: Fringes and face framing layers do more than hide forehead lines. They draw attention away from other facial lines and add lift to your face.


You don’t have to chop off your hair: There’s no rule that says you can’t have long locks, but they must be conditioned. Try the Nioxin scalp and hair care system to keep your hair looking full and soft.



Embrace your gray: For blondes, tones such as buttermilk, vanilla, peach and orchid white are fantastic choices. On brunettes tones such as toffee, hazelnut, caramel or cappuccino add a prettiness and flattering softness.


Moisturise: Enhance your colour with an in-salon treatment like Kerastase Fusio Dose. Deep conditioning products such as the Kerastase Age Premium range soften hair and add density.



And remember, rather than subscribing to absolute principles of style according to the fashion world, the bottom line is:

If it doesn’t look good on you, it’s not in style.

The Reds Guide to Surviving Christmas

The Reds Guide to Surviving Christmas

If Christmas day is a relaxing time that combines mass catering, family visits, incessant travel and marital breakdown, here’s our tried and true survival guide:



With small children this is an almost impossible task. However, wrapping the presents before Christmas Eve will mean that you don’t have to stay up all night wrapping presents only to be woken before dawn by your little Christmas angels.



Before someone gets the camera out, try to brush your hair and teeth, and change out of those worn-out pyjamas. Wear something comfortable and flattering so you don’t have to worry about popping buttons after too much trifle. And if there’s any chance of sunshine, remember a hat, sunnies and sun block.



No one likes a Christmas martyr. If you’re in charge make sure to delegate and call in the helpers. People would much rather help out than to see you frazzled and not able to enjoy the season.

And if you’re not in charge, offer to do something that will actually help -something that’s clear and unambiguous and has a definite beginning and ending. Not, “I’ll help clean the kitchen” – that’s too vague. Instead, “I’ll clear the table of dirty dishes.


Pace yourself:

While many rely on a Christmas drink to kick-start the festive spirit, remember to pace yourself and drink lots of water. While food and alcohol can be a great social lubricant, no one wants to be the one who gets put to bed at 7pm after one too many Lindauers.


Avoid arguments:

The only sure-fire way to evade all the flashpoints of Christmas by is to avoid saying anything to anyone. Make sure there is not a single moment when your mouth is open when there is not also something being put into it, whether it’s a mince pie, piece of pavlova, Cadbury favourite, handful of cherries or slice of Christmas cake.


And if all else fails, take time to reflect on our prehistoric ancestors. They spent their lives in small groups of 200 people or fewer. Since abandoning the tribe meant certain death in the wilderness, they had no realistic fantasy of escape. Imagine how many frustrating situations they had to deal with. So take a moment to thank God you’re not living in the Stone Age and remember that Christmas will soon be over.


Merry Christmas!

The 10 Worst Celeb Hairstyles of All Time

Even celebrities have bad hair days! From mullets to comb-overs, we count down the 10 worst celebrity hairstyles of all time.


 1. Dolly Parton

Back in the 80s, this country crooner’s hair was almost as big as a couple of her other assets.


2. Kate Hudson

This proves that bad hair also happens to good (and gorgeous) people.


3. Phil Spector

The legendary music producer’s infamous wall of hair nearly got as much press as his wife’s murder trial.


4. Billy Ray Cyrus

A track on Cyrus’ new album bemoans “I Want My Mullet Back.”  And no, Billy, you really don’t.


5. Donald Trump

How does he get his hair to do whatever the hell it does (our guess is a very firm hairspray)  Could all those millions not buy the services of a great stylist or maybe a hair piece specialist ? Unfortunately, those questions will never be answered. All we can do is stare at the Don’s hair and wonder…


6. Christina Aguilera

Why commit one hair crime when you can commit two? The singer’s braids and poodle perm combo from 2002 was just as awful then as it is now.


7. Britney Spears

We don’t exactly know why Britney Spears shaved her head. Whatever the reason, thank goodness she seems to have her life back on track.


8. Russell Brand

The British comedian and actor was told to lose his crazy look for the sake of his Hollywood career, “I can play Rasputin once maybe, play Che Guevara, various homeless people and then it’s going to have to be a haircut.” Still…..  we can’t see Russell with a’sensible’ do?


9. Will Smith

The Fresh Prince made the ‘High-Top Fade’ haircut popular for curly-haired men worldwide during the early ‘90s.


10. Captain Planet

A lime green mullet-fade combo is never ok, even if you’re a super hero.


All of these crimes against hair could have been avoided with the help of a good stylist. So why not make an appointment at Reds today and make sure you never end up on a worst hair list?

The Top 10 Most Iconic Hairstyles

From Mia Farrow to Amy Winehouse, here’s our pick of the ten most iconic hairstyles of all time.


1. Elvis’ rockabilly hairdo, along with his gyrating hips, captivated the world and inspired countless imitations by young men hoping for that bad-boy look. The pompadour has since been revived by both men and women looking to add a bit of swagger to their style.


2. By the early ’60s, the Fab Four were wearing mop-top haircuts. The look was a dramatic departure from the very short, conservative cuts of the 1950s. This look continues to influence men’s hair – does McCartney’s side-swept do resemble the style a of a certain Justin Bieber?


3. Bridget Bardot’s soft, artfully ruffled locks suggested that she’d just returned from a romp in the hay. Popular ever since, this style is almost universally recognised as seductive, giving it a timeless appeal.


4. No one is as synonymous with dreads as reggae icon Bob Marley. What was a lifestyle choice for Marley became a fashion statement for others, as the look was adopted by reggae and counterculture fans alike.


5. It wasn’t just the red bathing suit or those superwhite teeth that made Farah Fawcett a star — it was also her mane of wild blond layers. Unabashedly feminine, her feathered hair provided a stark contrast to the pin-straight looks that had prevoiusly dominated.


6. Millions of women were launched into a frenzy by her hair: a long, layered shag crafted by her hairdresser Chris McMillan. Though it was copied endlessly throughout the ’90s, Aniston recently copped to hating the ‘do, stating, “I think it was the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen.”


7. As seen on everyone from Marge Simpson to Snooki to The Supremes, the retro-cool beehive just wont go away. We loved Amy and her outrageous take on the look.


8. Audrey Hepburn set the bar for the pixie crop in the 1950s with this soft, feminine cut. Audrey ensured the look remained ultra-feminine by adding a slick of lip colour and perfectly defined brows and lashes.


9. Has there ever been a more iconic bob than that of Jackie O? Her style has lasted a lifetime, and her deep chocolate bob is still popular today.


10. Famed hairdresser Vidal Sassoon worked his magic on American actress Mia Farrow’s hair before she starred in Rosemary’s Baby. Sassoon was a fan of low-maintenance styles, and what could be easier than chopping it all off?


While not quite making the top ten, we thought United Future leader Peter Dunne’s infamous hairdo deserved an honourable mention. While he claims “I’m getting a bit fed up with being described as having a dead possum on my head”, a do like that is always going to grab our attention!

Reds Trials Groundbreaking New iPad App

Like the rest of the world, the hairdressing industry is embracing new digital technologies. Here at Reds we’re riding this wave of innovation, with our website, Facebook page and Twitter account becoming important ways to connect and stay engaged with our clients.

Along with these digital platforms, our in salon iPad has proven to be a fantastic tool, allowing our stylists to quickly find and compare styles and colours for you to choose from.

Adding to this surge of new technologies is the newly developed Style ID iPad app, created by Wellington’s own Janine Simons, owner of the award-winning salon Mane and Larissa Mcleman from the award-winning salon Blue Cactus. As the New Zealand Salon of the Year, Reds has been specially selected to trial this new app with our clients.

Designed to enhance the traditional consultation process, the app helps our stylists to determine your face shape and your desired style, including length, fringe and texture. This information is combined to produce a range of images to illustrate possible looks appropriate to your specific needs. Our stylists then use these images as an additional aid to ensure you get the best result possible.

While an app will never replace the conversation you have with our trained and talented stylists, smart apps like this one will provide us with another useful tool, bringing together your hair needs and technology in an exciting way.

The trial will continue for the next few months, after which we will give our feedback to the app’s creator. If you’re keen to be part of the development of this groundbreaking technology, ask your stylist about the Style ID app at your next visit.