Trending: Longer Hair for Men

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image via Instagram/luckybsmith

Maybe it’s the change in season but there’s a new trend growing in the male grooming space – locks have been getting longer, with short cropped cuts giving way to wavy, textured mops.

But growing out your hair isn’t as easy as breaking up with your stylist. It’s a process and guys are often unsure how to style and care for their hair as it grows. Avoid that awkward-length stage, and read on for your growing-out game plan.


First, get visual

It’s basic advice but bring a picture to your stylist of you end goal hair. Visual aids are the best way to communicate to your stylist exactly the look you’re going for so you guys can get a plan of attack together.

Next, prepare to be patient

Truth time: transitioning from a short back and side to long hair is a process that can take anywhere from several months to a couple of years. The top will take the longest to grow out, so during the early stages make sure you book in for regular trims to keep the back and sides shorter to avoid an accidental mullet.

Don’t stop getting haircuts

It’s a common mistake to stop getting cuts whilst growing your hair out, but maintenance is key. Booking in for a trim every eight weeks on your journey to longer hair will help maintain your style, making the growing-out process an easier transition.

Finally, rethink your products

During the awkward growing out phase it’s a matter of controlling hair and keeping shape, plus longer hair tends to need something softer and more hydrating, so be prepared to use different products from the ones you used on your shorter hair. A small pump of ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment is a great way to keep your longer hair soft and moisturised, to achieve that lush longer look that’s so popular right now.

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